Outside Catering Buffet Menu 4

Outside Catering Buffet Menu 4

Outside Catering Buffet Menu 4  – £7.50 per head


Corned Beef pie

Cheese and onion Pie

Cheese and tomato quiche

Bacon and mushroom quiche

Sausage rolls

Selection of Vol-au-vents


A selection of sandwiches with ham and peas pudding, turkey and stuffing and a choice of four fillings (see below).



Chicken mayo

Chinese chicken

Coronation chicken

Egg mayo

Cheese savoury

Slices of crusty baguette topped with a selection of fillings


Selection of savoury bites and dips

Cheese, cocktails sausages and pickled onions


Mini pizzas

Chicken drumsticks

Cheese board with crackers

Meat platter with a selection of continental meats olives and bread


Tossed salad

Homemade coleslaw

Potato salad

Chicken and pesto pasta

Additional info

Cakes can be provided at an additional cost:

Various cheesecakes from £10.00

Various cakes from £14.00

Table cloths, napkins, paper plates, knives and forks all included in the price.

Buffet will be delivered and set up before start of function.

Minimum order for this outside catering buffet is 30 people.